Library - Diane King

For your reading pleasure, the library is stocked with many interesting books including, biographies, fiction, non-fiction, educational and inspirational.  There are also jigsaw puzzles to challenge you.  Please stop by (HOA office) during weekly office hours and take home those that interest you.  No need to check them out.  Simply take what you want to read, return them or not, pass them on.

REQUEST:  if you plan to donate books to the library, PAPERBACK BOOKS are preferred (due to space).  Also, please donate the paperbacks in good condition (none without pages, covers falling off and held together with a rubber band, or crinkled pages because they fell into the pool). ENJOY THE LIBRARY!!

If you have any questions please contact, Arlene Felix at or call the HOA office at (760) 346-9778.

Mary Reichley, Secretary, Communication/Website and Long Range Planning Chair